Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bestseller for a day

Two weeks ago, I reached a milestone I thought I would never accomplish: I made it onto a bestseller list. It was just after midnight on December 16th, my 29th birthday, and I checked my sales and Amazon rankings for THE GAME CHANGER (which I tend to do obsessively-compulsively multiple times a day). My sales for the book have been beyond my wildest dreams, and I was maintaining a ranking within the top 4,000 or so, dipping as long as the 2,000s. 

I'd always wondered why none of my books showed the ranking within their genre, but that night I realized the reason: you have to be within the top 100 for your book to show up. And how did I find that out? Because THE GAME CHANGER was #97 on the women's fiction list! I was so excited I could have burst. It took me ages to get to sleep that night, and I felt like I did when I was a little girl and would get excited because it was my birthday. This year it wasn't necessarily the excitement of turning 29, but the fact that I'd hit such a huge milestone.

I watched the list as much as I could that day (we had family over most of the day), and the lowest I saw the book drop was #92. By midnight, it was out of the top 100, but it seemed oddly fitting that for 24 hours, on my birthday, I'd be a bestseller. 

Now let's see if I can do it again...maybe next time, I'll make it even lower on a list. ;-)

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  1. I was super excited when you first told me about this. I am so glad to see how well your book is doing. :)