Friday, January 11, 2013

Writing Update #2

Happy Friday, guys!

Last week I talked about the Christmas novella I was working on and how I was almost finished...well, I'm done! Final word count was 29,317 words. I'm tentatively calling it 'The Most Wonderful Time of the Year' because it ties in with the story, but I'm not sure if I'm 100% happy with the title. Luckily I have several months to decide on a final title. I figure I'll set it aside until summer before getting it back out to edit, send to betas, and work on the cover. I'm going to aim for an early November publication - maybe November 5th, 2013? We'll see. 

I started revisions for book #3 on Wednesday. I wrote the book in July and haven't touched it since except to read the first page before sending it for a critique. After I wrote the book, I remember thinking it was the best thing I'd ever written. The story came so easily, it was unbelievable. I had fun with it, I loved the characters, and I knew I'd grown a lot as a writer after writing my first two books. At the time of writing this, I've edited seven chapters, and I'm so incredibly in love with this story. I think it's amazing, and I don't often say that about my own writing. I really, really hope you guys will think it's amazing too!

Speaking of which, yesterday before I started editing I put out a call on Facebook for beta readers and got a great response. It's something that's been stressing me out, so I was incredibly relieved to have so many people interested. Eight people offered to read the book, plus I have my alpha reader who always gets to read my work first and last, along with an amazing permanent beta reader, and I have a couple other people who mentioned a few months ago that they'd like to beta read. I'm glad to have so many because I've always had at least one or two people not finish beta reading on time and then I'm left scrambling, so I figure if even half the people who offered come through, I'll be good to go.

So that's what I've been up to since last Friday writing-wise. I'm not going to rush revisions on book #3, but I'd love to have it done quickly so I can have other people start to read it. I love it so much that I sort of want to know if it's just me or if other people like it too! Maybe next week I'll share a little snippet from the book...and I might have news about the cover. Stay tuned! ;-)


  1. COVER NEWS?!?! Um... WOOHOO! I'm so excited to see so many people volunteering to beta read. That's so great for you. I cannot cannot cannot wait to beta read the new book. I'm so intrigued and anxious to see it! :D

  2. Hi Marie,

    Very excited to have you and your books in the Better Than Chocolate (February) hop! Your sign-ups came through fine.

    Cheers, Nikki