Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Surprise Upcoming Release: Mistletoe Kiss

Surprise! I have a new book coming out next Thursday, November 16th!

Today I'm revealing the cover, synopsis, preorder links, ARC sign-ups, and the first ever teaser from the book. Ready?

Bridget Higgins hasn't allowed herself to think too much about fairytales or the magic of Christmas since her dad died. Her life has been dedicated to work, her mom, her best friend Ivy, and little else. But when her kind and gorgeous boss, who she's secretly harbored a crush on for the last three years, offers her a night of fun on top of an unexpected Christmas bonus from work, Bridget starts to remember what it feels like to believe in magic and fairytales once more.

Mistletoe Kiss is a 20,000-word contemporary romance.

The book is available for preorder for just 99 cents, which means if you order now it'll arrive on your ereader at midnight next Thursday, November 16th! Wondering how preorders help authors? Every release day sale goes toward an author’s ranking; the higher their ranking, the more visible their book is to other buyers. I’ve talked before about how this is the first book I’m publishing in two years and I’m worried people have forgotten about me, so it would mean everything to me to have an amazing release day as my comeback to the publishing world. I’d be eternally grateful to anyone willing to preorder. There’s not much you can buy for only 99 cents these days! ;-)

Preorder now:

I also have eARCs available for anyone who’d like to read the book early. If you’d like to receive a copy of Mistletoe Kiss in exchange for an honest review, you can sign up here.

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